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A lifetime health and fitness enthusiast, Sebastian completed his massage training at The Stillpoint Program in Greenfield, Massachusetts in 2000. He is a highly requested, intuitively driven therapist who blends eastern and western technique seamlessly and spiritually. He is also trained in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and is a certified yoga instructor. Sebastian's massage is uniquely customized to address the specific and various needs of his clients.


A uniquely talented, spiritually guided and highly intuitive bodyworker. Her original degree was in psychology, which ultimately sparked her interest in further understanding and working with the mind body connection. Her journey ultimately brought her to the Florida School of Massage where she discovered her passion for helping others through her healing touch. For the last 13 years, Kristen has practiced bodywork primarily throughout western Massachusetts and on Martha’s Vineyard. Also having been a competitive athlete through college, she has developed a unique massage style by integrating her knowledge of muscular anatomy with a deep sensitivity to energy balancing. Her other interests include hiking, soccer, meditation, candle making, and travel just to name few.


With four years of front desk experience managing five star resort spas on Martha's Vineyard and Stratton Mountain, Ashley decided to do her formal massage therapist training at Cortiva Institute in Boston. As a therapist, she consciously and therapeutically blends a naturally caring and intuitive touch with a deep understanding of anatomy. She has a unique ability for customizing her sessions by sensing her clients' specific areas of tension and then releasing it, through a combination of informed strokes and passive stretches that address their individual needs. This allows her to listen to what her clients say as well as what their bodies say and designs a session for each client accordingly. She has a naturally healing touch and a calm vibration that is palpable and effective at relaxing her client’s body, and mind.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”
~ Kevin Trudeau


Sarah is a native to the island of Martha's Vineyard and meets each client with a caring and attentive approach. Her desire is to promote relaxation, with attention focused on the concerns of the client. Experienced in many different massage techniques Sarah believes massage helps relieve pain, heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aids in the general wellness of her clients. Massage is the path to your journey of health.
Education: Sarah received her BA in Kinesiology from New England College in 2012. While at college, Sarah completed an internship in athletic training, helping athletes with sports related injuries. It was at this time she gained a true passion for wanting to help people. She continued her studies at the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Art; and then completed her externship at the Dartmouth Hitchcock clinics working with health professionals in the medical field. She is a certified Licensed Massage Therapist, and member of the American Massage Therapy Association.