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Our Organic Skincare Products

Our handstirred, small-batch organic skincare products are carefully formulated using the best natural resources on the planet. To order, simply indicate the products that you would like to purchase in the Comment Form on our Contact Us page and we will get in touch with you for further details. A fully functioning online store will soon be available for your convenience. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our thoughtfully made, premium organic skincare products:

Body Cream:
Our luxurious, organic Body Cream is an easily absorbed blend of carefully harvested nut oils including coconut, sweet almond, apricot kernel and jojoba along with shea and cocoa butter, pure aloe, white clay and vitamin e. This cream is perfect for moisturizing right before putting on clothing because it will provide a rich hydration without feeling greasy. As with all of our products, we highly recommend starting with less and adding as needed.

French Lavender, Tangerine & Cinnamon, Inspiration, Grapefruit & Sage, Invigoration, Lemon & Rosemary, Tropical Flowers:
2 oz plastic   $8       /     4 oz. blue glass   $24      /     8 oz. blue plastic    $36

Tahitian Vanilla:
2 oz plastic   $10     /      4 oz. blue glass    $30     /      8 oz. bue plastic    $42

Pure Jasmine:
2 oz plastic   $12    /      4 oz. blue glass     $36      /      8 oz. blue platic     $48

Body Butter: 
This rich and tropical blend of equatorial nuts such as coconut and sweet almond along with the lighter apricot kernel and jojoba is a particular moisturizing butter, thicker and even more hydrating than the Body Cream. It is perfect to apply after a shower and put a robe on and let it absorb slowly over a matter of a few hours. The ingredients have been specifically adjusted for high-elevations and sun damaged skin. Likewise, it is specifically effective on elbows, knees and feet. Remember, less is more. Slight separation is normal since we choose not to use the chemicals that would prevent this. The essential oil that may rise to the top is highly pure and can be applied directly onto the skin. As with natural peanut butter, the separation is totally normal and is actually a sign of high quality, non-denatured ingredients as well as our commitment to not assume that you would want to absorb any chemicals that we wouldn’t want to. Keep jar level when removing cap, remove excess by rubbing hands on hair.

French Lavender, Tangerine & Cinnamon, Inspiration, Grapefruit & Sage, Invigoration, Lemon & Rosemary, Tropical Flowers:
1.7 oz blue glass jar     $18     /     4 oz. blue glass jar    $27

Tahitian Vanilla:
1.7 oz. blue glass jar   $21     /      4 oz. blue glass jar    $30

Pure Jasmine:
1.7 oz. blue glass jar   $24    /       4 oz. blue glass jar    $36

Rose Geranium Day Cream:
This carefully blended everyday cream is made from only organic jojoba oil, the best that we can find. Jojoba oil is molecularly most similar to the natural oil that our human skin produces therefore it is recognized, absorbed and utilized most readily. It is very precious and, therefore, most choose to avoid using it. It will hydrate and nourish the face, particularly under the eyes, the forehead and jawline.

1.7 oz. blue glass     $18          /             4 oz. blue glass           $36

Facial Toner:
Toners are an essential component to skin cleansing. They remove residual toxicity, makeup, and debris that can deeply clog pores and result in blemishes. We blend pure rosewater with a small amount of natural witch hazel to create our toner base. This product is best used with a cotton ball or pad after cleansing the face. It is great to keep in the car for a quick freshen up on the road or even to just mist onto the face to revive the skin and brighten the mood when on the go.

Rosewater, French Lavender, Morning Rain
1 oz. blue glass mister       $24

Face & Body Mist:
This light and refreshing mist is similar to an after bath splash in that it can be sprayed on at any time with or without clothing for an uplifting and refreshing aromatic experience. The hydrosols (flower water) have a very subtle and fresh fragrance which will never stain clothing, go rancid or be overpowering. Always a good thing to keep in your purse or car when traveling to keep you feeling and smelling alive and well.

Rosewater, French Lavender, Morning Rain
2 oz. blue glass mister       $18

Shave Cream:
Our Eurpoean style shave cream is specifically designed to coat and lubricate the skin in preparation for a shave. Blended with shea and cocoa butters and our creamy Cocoa Oatmeal Soap, this cream will soften your skin as well as prepare you for a close and smooth shave. The cream will not lather up like traditional compressed shave creams, we choose not to add the necessary chemicals to create this effect. If you desire more lather and suds, simply create this by applying this cream to your pre-soaped-up face.

Cool Mint & Aloe,  Chamomile & Melissa:
4 oz. blue glass     $14     /     8 oz. blue plastic     $20

Cocoa Butter Soap:
These little oval bars pack a creamy punch. This is an organic oatmeal based soap fortified with heaps of unrefined cocoa butter (thus the white chocolate aroma) and walnut shell flour on one edge to create one scratchy side and one smooth side. This soap is incredibly creamy and luxurious and can be left on for a few minutes as a mask. The bar itself can be rubbed directly onto the skin to moisturize hands and body. It will finish clean and dry. The cocoa butter is particularly sensitive to heat so you will want to lather up and put the bar aside to be sure you aren’t washing it down the drain. Also, make sure your hot shower water isn’t accidentally hitting it as this will cause the bar to melt away like a snowman in April. Lather up.

White Chocolate, Peppermint Patty, Orange Cream:
$5  per  bar        /          5  for  $20           /          30  for  $100

Salt Scrub:
The Japanese consider daily salt scrubs an obvious and automatic way to exfoliate and rejuvenate tired skin as well improve blood circulation thereby creating the "healthy glow" that we all seek. Using mineral rich sea salt as an exfoliant and blending this with organic grapeseed oil, glycerin soap and spoonful of our Body Butter, this product makes for cleansing and refreshing daily routine. We recommend lathering up a wash cloth (maybe with our extra creamy "Cocoa Soap") then adding a teaspoon or so of the Salt Scrub into your soapy cloth and scrub away. This will dissolve with water so you may end up adding two or three teaspoons to make it through all of your body. You may want to turn your shower or off or down while you slowly scrub. While this may create a little "zing" due to the salinity and the purity of the essential oils, it is very uplifting. Be careful not to use it directly on any open wounds or shave-irritated skin. To be sure, it is particularly cleansing and pleasant to use right after a normal body shave with no cuts or burns since it will "seal" your skin up, so to speak, as only salt water can do.

Citrus & Rosemary, Peppermint & Lavender:
8 oz. blue glass jar     $24

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Scrub:
Known for increasing skin elasticity and create a silky skin texture, granulated cane sugar, when mixed with organic fractionated coconut oil and local honey makes for an excellent body polish. As with the Salt Scrubs, we recommend starting with a soapy wash cloth (our creamy "Cocoa Soap" is ideal), and teaspooning this positively decadent Sugar Scrub into the soap cloth and scrub away. You will want to walk the line of removing all the sugar so you aren't left feeling sticky but not totally washing off the still active effects of the coconut oil. Sometimes I will turn off the shower to scrub more slowly and deliberately without risking washing the scrub down the drain. If we get one more request, we will have to start developing an edible version though we have to caution you that this is not it. Take time to appreciate the Tahaitian Vanilla, it is uncommonly exquisite!

Tahitian Vanilla:
4 oz. blue glass     $24    /    8 oz. blue glass      $36

Walnut Shell Scrub Body Polish:
Ground walnut shells are particularly effective at smoothing, buffing, removing and polishing. When ground, their precise "angularity" is the quality that separates them from other nut shells and exfoliating agents in general. As with diamond dust, the angles and firmness of a particle, when ground are the properties that make them more or less effective. Ground walnut shells sit atop the throne in this category. Blended with organic oatmeal soap, sweet almond oil, and pure lemongrass essential oil, we recommend taking a soapy washcloth (our "Cocoa Soap" is ideal) and putting a small teaspoon of this scrub into the soapy wash cloth thereby creating a creamy, sugary scrub. We can't add all the soap into this product or it would firm up, you have to do it each time. Unlike salt and sugar scrubs, walnut shells do not dissolve in water and can be a nightmare to get off a ruffly shower curtain or fancy tub. I usually keep this one by the sink and do my arms, hands and face. As for the face, it is not particularly recommended since it is a bit oily and abrasive though it can be used lightly and consciously on the face. It is not for oily skin types and can be too abrasive for young skin unless you scrub extra lightly.

Lemongrass & Walnut Shell:

4 oz. blue glass    $24    /    8 oz. blue glass      $36